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'''The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne''', the oldest provincial Antiquarian#Antiquarian societies|antiquarian society in England, was founded in 1813. It is a Charitable organization|registered charity under English law. It has had a long-standing interest in the archaeology of the North East England|north-east of England, particularly of Hadrian's Wall, but also covering prehistoric and medieval periods, as well as industrial archaeology. It has also maintained an interest in the traditional music of the north-east, and particularly the Northumbrian smallpipes. It published the ''Northumbrian Minstrelsy'' in 1882, edited by Rev. John Collingwood Bruce and John Stokoe (author)|John Stokoe; this played a significant role in supporting the traditional instrumental music and song of the north-east. The Society maintains several important collections. Its archaeological collection is...
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne, England|Newcastle upon Tyne
TypeLearned society
Membership| purpose = Historical & Archaeological
Leader titleActivities
Leader nameResearch & publications, lectures & events
AffiliationsGreat North Museum
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